A thinking spot is a state of mind

As an Instagram challenge they want us to photograph something in our homes that is styled up to the eyeballs. This challenge is making me work on my Instagram which I have to do. I have to be more present and consistent.

When I hit 10K it means I can swipe up directly to my blog and when that happens it will increase more traffic so I can invest in my blog.

A thinking spot is a state of mind. If you are like me then inspiration hits you all the time. Any room any place, you don’t have to sit down. And where you get inspiration is up to you. I used to be skeptic all about self help books and solutions but they are generally just common sense.

I wrote in my journal that I would like a career where I can work from home so I don’t have to leave my dog. Which sounds ridiculous but I don’t like leaving him. I am job searching at the moment and I am thinking of just taking an online customer service roll. Something I can work from home and I can dictate my hours but this isn’t what I want.

I want a creative job.

I want to work from home, Most of the time.

I would like a steady income that allows me to travel and do up my home.

I have been thinking a lot about money, work and what I have got. I joined a online group then ignored all their advice. I put my CV on a creative job finding website then I forget to chase it up. I quit the online group, their advice was good but it was similar to what they put out on Instagram, so I can just follow them there.

Consistency is key to everything.

Positive thinking, job searching, cleaning, cooking, gardening Instagram my blog.

I need to set aside time to do all these things. I need to be considerate and consistent with these things.

I need to work smart and achieve my goals.

Do you have a thinking spot?

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