Green is the colour

If I had my way every room in my home would be a differnt shade of green.

Emerald in the bathroom

Sage in the kitchen

Racing green in the dining foom

Pine green in the sitting room

Tea green in the hall way

hookers green in the office

mint green in the spare bedroom

And the colour of our bedroom in our bedroom

I am not talking all block colours, they could be broken up with tiles or wallpaper. I like to keep the cornicing and ceilings white. It would be beautiful.

Gavin has other ideas so we have a fairly colourful home, with teal, red, navy, coral and our bedroom green. The carpet runner of the stairs is a beautiful emerald green, it runs all the way into our bedroom and it is so lovely on your feet.

I find green such a peaceful tranquil colour. It is tricky bring the outside in. Perhaps in our next house I will have more free rain. But for now we are happy where we are.

My favourite greens using Farrow and Ball, Dulux, and Valspar are below for reference.

Farrow and Ball greens

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