Freestyle it’s Friday

I am so happy it’s Friday. Tomorrow I get to see my best friend in our favourite Spanish restaurant in London. We are going to relax catch up, laugh eat and drink.

It’s going to be wonderful.

I haven’t seen her in 18months. We text, WhatsApp FaceTime, message you name it. Every other Sunday we FaceTime and watch Gilmore girls and eat breakfast together. Just us, no boys.

It’s relaxing and a great start to a Sunday.

Gavin went out on Tuesday and said it felt normal which is nice. It was odd to have the house to myself, uninterrupted time to do exactly what I do every other night of the week except this time I had gardening books to pour through. And wine of course a lovely glass of red!

I have always loved Thursdays more than Fridays but since lockdown I prefer Fridays as me and Gav switch of and watch a movie together. It’s nice. During the week we eat dinner and then Go paint or catch up with family, him in his office me in the dining room or sitting room. It’s been so important to have time to ourselves. If has meant few arguments but more importantly it means that we want to spend time together at the weekends.

Tonight I am going to try a new bourbon bourbon ( that’s it’s name). It is supposed to be like an old fashioned so I have my large ice cubes chilling in the freezer, some dried orange and the perfect glasses and I can’t wait.

Happy Friday everyone!

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