Sweet Dreams are made of these

I am a sleeper.

Lockdown has indulged me in my sleeping. I like to push the limit on my getting up times and I do t think it’s that healthy. I know we should do what our bodies tell us to do but I also know that if I sleep too long I just get groggy.

We have a kind size plus bed which means it’s half way between a king and a super king. Which is great for sleeping but tricky for buying sheets. We do buy super king so it fits and also our duvet is a super king as well.

We have so much bedding that we are now on a house ban because they can often sit in the linen cupboard and go stale and need to be washed before use. So generally we just end washing and using the current ones.

Our favourite brands so far have been Jigsaw and Portfolio home. Both on different sides of the price spectrum but we have about 3 of each which for one bed is a tad extreme.

I have my old IKEA ones that are about 10 years old and still going strong. I generally use my flowery ones in spring summer and my greys in autumn winter, it’s strange how you can dress for the seasons without even thinking about it.

I love to change the sheets on a weekday. There is nothing like slipping in between fresh sheets. Next week it is supposed to be sunny! So I will look forward to sheets that have been dried outside.

I can’t wait for the sun, lots of little plans in the making.

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