Wait for it..

I am still reeling over not posting yesterday’s blog. So you get two today.

I am trying not to to dwell. It’s 8.15am and it was literally the first thing I thought of as I woke. It’s a lovely hot one today, the sun woke me up with it’s gorgeous rays…. it’s already 14 degrees and in the UK that is bikini weather ha ha.

I have been out in the garden and watered my garden and my seedlings. I sowed some lobelia seeds in my hanging basket. At least half are showing signs of life, I have kept them in doors but because the weather is so good I have popped them outside to absorb the sunshine rays and to get some fresh air ( I know they don’t need that but it’s still nice)

Rosa Banksiae

We have family over on Monday for one of Gavs pulled pork which I am really looking forward to. The kitchen is clean I just need to spruce up the bathroom and hall. Hoover then mop the downstairs.

I can’t wait.

Well I can.

Because this weekend is a bank holiday so we get two amazing days to ourselves.

Just a short one today as I am going to relax this morning and enjoy myself.

Have a lovely weekend!

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