Summer project: it’s time to tackle the decking

Over on my Instagram I have been sharing my progress on the decking. this is a summer project that I couldn’t start in May because of the constant rain but now that the sun is out I don’t have any excuses. My poor decking has been neglected.

My flower pots don’t have trays on them so they have destroyed part of the deck.

It’s in Pretty bad shape so it needs some work.

Things I need to do:

  • Remove the rubbish from the deck
  • Plant the rest of my flowers
  • Buy trays for my plant pots
  • Replace boards
  • Paint decking
  • Sand table and chairs
  • Paint table and chairs
  • Style up the garden

So it doesn’t look like a lot but as I started cleaning I found more rotten planks and the wall needs repainting too! Another summer project. I will let you know when I finish. I do need help with replacing the the boards but everything else I can do myself.

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