I over packed for Japan

It was my honeymoon so I was allowed and I don’t mean massive over packing juts there were lots of things I could have cut down on!

I even made this edit to show what I was taking, it’s pretty accurate but it wasn’t all necessary.

Curated packing for 3 weeks


Jeans I packed 3 put I would have been fine with two my black pair has been my favourite pair so far they they are a definite. I could have taken my straight leg blue or my skinny khaki. Either would have been enough.

I also brought with me a pair of thermal leggings and a pair of floaty patterned trousers. If it had been hotter these would have been perfect so although I shouldn’t have brought the leggings( I traveled with them and wish I had worn jeans.) I don’t regret the trousers.

3 dresses

I would have been fine with one! I had in my head that wearing my wedding dress on my honeymoon was a great idea. It would have been if the weather had been nice. I wore my beautiful green dress with navy tights and a raincoat and a stupid yellow cardigan. I had this amazing image of me floating through the Inara Fushimi-Ku shrine in my lovely dress. This was the reality!

My dress was a bit low and because I have put on weight my boobs are huge at the moment. So I had to cover them up. I just should have left my pretty dress at home but again if it had been hot then I would have got to wear it without my yellow rain mac.

Jumpers, jacket and cardigans

Again this isn’t a massive over packing but I would have been better off with a jumper and a plainer cardigan. That’s all I needed. I loved my jacket and loved wearing it with my little primark dress again if we had more hot days I would have had more wear but the evenings were freezing so I am glad I had my snowboarding coat.

In summary, I wish I had met over packed so much. I wish I had thought about a ten day wardrobe and just washed things and layered them properly. The weather was tricky because we had cold, hot, rain and snow bit I still could have cut down. I am usually a good packer.

We avoided having to carry our suitcase by paying a company to transport them across Japan.

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