Biophilic London and my favourite places I can’t wait to revisit

London is a beautiful place it’s easy to forget how incredible it is when you see it every day or like me when you live in the suburbs of London don’t go into central so much. It has everything you need and want and much much more.

I have been into London once since Lockdown and it was fine but I was super nervous. The architecture and atmosphere in London is what makes it’s such a beautiful place, plus I love the pace of life. My preference for the the older buildings and London just grows and grows, beautiful brick or sandstone. I am just not a fan of Modern skyscraper ( with a few exceptions, I love the Gherkin) don’t appeal to me. The excess of glass and hieght is a blight on the London landscape luckily the often incorporate sky gardens and roof terraces, green courtyards and giant terrariums. And if that isn’t your cup of tea then there is always a park a stones throw away from where you are.

I have lived in North, south and East London, in some rough areas as well as some nice ones and I have never been further than 10 minutes from a park. When me and Gavin we’re first dating, and I was broke, I would sometimes walk from Archway north London to Borough Marketwgich is South East. It used to take me a leisurely 40 minutes where I would meander through farringdon and Old Street.

London is pretty green 40% is actually public green space with 3000 parks made up of 35000 acres, that’s not bad for a capital city. I thought I would share two of my favourite buildings in London.

Barbican Conservatory, I love the Barbican it’s a magical place, incredible architecture even if you don’t love the look of the Barbican you can still appreciate it’s balance and message. It was designed by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. It houses one of my favourite theatres. A housing complex that creates a balance of nature with a modern-day eco system. I have never been to the conservatory and I can’t wait to go, the plants and structure looks in credible and I can’t wait to visit if I can get tickets. It looks impressive.

You have to book to visit

The Barbican

The Natural History Museum. This is a place dear to my heart. If you ask me and my siblings where we want to meet it is often the Natural History Museum. When we first moved to England we lived in London and would visit there often. My brother was obsessed with dinosaurs and used to play around the feet. We also grew up watching David Attenborough documentary about the planet so it was a wonderful escape for us.

The Natural history museum is the epitome of biophilic design the entire building is inspired by nature, from the organic arches to the gargoils and ceramic panels. You can go for the exploration of nature and/ or you can study the architecture of Alfred Waterhouse and fall in love with it. It’s beautiful all year round, in winter they fill the trees with fairy lights it’s magical.

Book to visit

Natural History Museum

I am sure as I continue on my Biophilic journey I will be able to share more buildings with you. It is truly turning into a passion of mine.

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