Thinking about getting a French Bulldog? Here are my tips

Introducing any animal to your life is a high commitment. HUGE. Dogs take a lot my time, training and attention then cats. As a cat person this was a huge learning curve. I have always loved frenchies, pugs and boston terriers all brachycephalic dogs. Short snouts always means breathing issues some French bulldogs are better than others.

We have had Frank for almost four years now and he is the biggest joy in our lives but French bulldogs come with there quirks and there issues and sometimes it just breaks your heart.

I came down this morning to 5 poos in the kitchen. This is not like Frank at all. He always goes outside so I cleaned it all up, scolded him and took him upstairs for a cuddle. I didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t look at him closely when I was downstairs.

His ear was coated in blood he had scratched it so much that it was bright red. I think that’s why he couldn’t get outside because he was disoriented poor thing. I apologised to him and cleaned this ear, gave him his medicated ear drops and then gave his ear a rub with his Stinky Stuff oils to soften up his ear. He then fell asleep with his head resting on my thigh. He never complains when he is in pain which makes it hard to look after him.

Frank, like many French bulldogs has issues. They are a tricky breed. You need a good vet that knows frenchies .He can’t get too hot or too cold. He can run around for hours but his breathing can get bad, he wheezes like he has asthma ( which he sort of does) brachycephalic dogs are basically disabled due to their short legs and squashed faces that affects their lungs.

Did you know that dogs can pant to death?

When they overheat they get to a point where they can’t cool themselves down and sadly some of them die ( it’s a big fear of mine). So if Frank goes for a walk and is panting for more then ten minutes I run a tepid bath and his breathing regulates immediately. Please never run your dog a cold bath as the shock can kill them.

We have had a heat wave here in the UK so Frank doesn’t get walked if it’s over 22 degrees. If it’s cooler but still hot, I do check the pavement to see if it’s hot but generally we walk him in the evening. He can play in the garden and he has a paddling pool so he can cool off if he chooses but our house has tiles and floorboards so it kind to his belly. We also have a faux lawn, which can also heat up but luckily my overgrown wisteria means that’s it is 90% in the shade so he doesn’t burn his paws!

We have taken Frank to the vets for his itching, constant licking, anal glands, eating chocolate raisins, you name it.

If you want a French bulldog there are things you need to know beforehand: they are work.

They love to exercise, run around in the park and play, especially with other franchise, they get so excited when they see each other. Do not get get a frenchie or any dog if you don’t want to spend time with them. They are very clingy and loving when they are bored they play up, Frank has chewed one shoe and bitten through one cable because he was bored.This is your fault not theirs they need stimulation much as you do. Just being with them is not enough, play with them and walk them.

So take them for a walk, short or long they will appreciate the bonding just get off your phone and pay attention to them. They deserve it and so do you!

They will have to go to the vets more than other dogs, so get good insurance. A couple we knows frenchie got cherry eye, they had to have surgery to remove it, they had just stopped paying the insurance and got stuck with a 10k bill. Which they couldn’t afford but had to because they are good owners.

Vets bills can be eye-watering. So don’t get a frenchie unless you can afford one. Choose a breed that doesn’t have known medical issues.

I love Frank. He is the best, loving sweet naughty. He still doesn’t like strangers but that’s okay with me. I want him to be safe and healthy, he is the most wonderful part of our family.

I wish he was healthier but I wouldn’t change him for the world. All French bulldogs fart…. It’s bad, it’s stinky and it’s often so be prepared!

If you want a Frenchbulldog. Do your research. Understand that you will need to give up a lot of your time, no matter the dog! They are the most loving creatures and I would love more puppies and kittens.

Pets are a big commitment, that are totally worth it but you need to know the issues.

Quick reminder about French bulldogs;

  • They are super cute
  • biggest joy in our lives
  • They fart a lot
  • They can’t get too hot or too cold
  • They need stimulation
  • get off your phone and pay attention to them
  • If they are naughty this is your fault not theirs
  • Get good insurance
  • Find a vet that knows frenchies if you can
  • Remember you made the decision to get a French bulldog you have to spend your time and love making sure they are happy

We will never regret welcoming Frank into our lives.

We love him so much.

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