My trip to the Barbican conservatory

When I was writing the blog on places I wanted to go I had already tried to get tickets to go. It was sold out so I decided to leave it. Then I was chatting with my friend Charlotte who lives in London too and tried to get tickets.

The Barbican Conservatory sell out really quickly but they release all the time slots at 9.30am. It’s easier to do this on a computer rather than a phone. The tickets are free but you can donate which is great.

I headed into central London, mask on listening to the Beetles to block out everyone on their phones. I arrived early and walked round Liverpool Street station which has wonderful architecture. London really is a place where you need to look up and pay attention to the detail of the buildings.

Liverpool street and its surrounding buildings

I met Charlotte and we walked to the the Barbican Center. It’s a massive remarkable space. An orchestra where playing Disney tunes, the residents were out reading, eating and socialising which was lovely to see on this wonderfully hot day.

Finding the entrance to the Conservatory was tricky, it was on the road level and we where 3 stories up wandering around trying to get in. Lucky we were 40minites early because we were searching for 35 minutes! We enjoyed exploring the rest of the Barbican.

Barbican Center and it’s biophilic design

I had to take a breath before I walked in because I as so excited. Charlotte was the perfect companion as she was really knowledgeable when it came to the plants. There were so many different varieties of plants was inspiring.

It was laid out so we just followed a nice clear path all the way through. We chatted took pictures but also just soaked up all the nature. It’s a pretty magical place. As we were walking around it got hotter, we decided that walking around a giant glass house on the hottest day of the year was a good idea. It was hot but it was totally worth it.

The scale of the plants

The only room that was off limits was the cactus room which I would have loved to explore but I managed to see some incredible cacti and succulents. Again the size of them was incredible they had a Chinese money plant that was bigger than me. It just means that I will have to go back and explore.

The conservatory is a very calming space. It’s definitely a place to relax and let the troubles of the city wash away from you. I feel like this whenever I go for a walk or visit a gardens. There is something about being in nature even if it is a man made selected nature. The conservatory feels wild and natural with its large vine scaling the walls.

When we left we were so chatty. Talking about the plants and what we grow and what we want to grow. It’s easy to gather inspiration from the Barbican but I don’t think Gavin will let me grow a giant monstera up the wall.

I have visited the Barbican many times to go to the theatre or visit an exhibition but I never knew about the conservatory before. It’s so wonderful to discover more things about your city.

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