My favourite saying

When I was younger I heard all these sayings and old wives tales, some of them stuck and some of them I didn’t understand until I got older. Some of them I have forgotten.

My favourite saying is a Stitch in time saves nine. I honestly had no idea what it meant till a button came off my coat and I didn’t fix it. The another and another came off. The same happens when you get a little hole in a seam. If you fix it when you find it, job done. If you wait it will only get bigger and waste more of your time.

The saying is not actually to take literally but I appreciate that it does. It focuses on the importance of tackling a small task and don’t procrastinate. If you procrastinate, the task or issue will get bigger.

If you fix the small jobs around the house then you save time later on.They never get to grow into big jobs.

On the hottest day of the year I am sitting in the coolest part of my home mending and sewing holes in my jumpers and my black dress ( which I can now wear). I am finishing jobs before they make me throw my clothes away. I am trying to be productive rather than procrastination.

What’s your favourite saying and how does it motivate you?

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