A farewell and some more plants for the heritage garden

My heritage garden is a collection of living memories. All relating to people we have lost and those who are still with us. Last Sunday we said goodbye to a family home where we shared many a discussion about politics or the environment. Wonderful people, wonderful food, wine and a very pretty garden.

I only missed a few due to work but I always looked forward to these parties which was strange because I barely knew everyone. It was a fun warm space where I always felt invited and we all felt sad to say goodbye to the house.

Planting my tomatoes and cuttings

As we were thinking about what this home and garden meant to us Gavs dad suggested I take a cutting. It turned out that the beautiful Chilean potato plant was actually a gift from Gavin years ago. It was well over 7 feet tall! I took a lot of cuttings of both.

Chilean Potato tree

I had to cut all the plants back to get right size cuttings. I left each plant with just one leaf so all the energy can go to the new roots that I hope to grow. I also have a few cuttings in water in case that works better.

I bought some simple 12.5cm plastic pots for my cuttings and my tomatoes as I didn’t want to overwhelm them with too much space. I bought twenty but I probably could have bought ten more and filled them all up. It’s not supposed to rain today or tomorrow so I gave them a little drink and hopefully they will be happy. I will check in on them everyday.

It didn’t take me long and I used a mix of compost and potting soil. I hope they take root and I can plant them in my garden so that we can remember Jill and Gordon and those wonderful times we shared in their company and in their home.

A few weeks ago I was walking Frank and a neighbour kindly put out these terracotta pots and a few more. They are now home to my very precious cosmos which are growing very well.

Gardening is bringing me a lot of peace at the moment. Watching the poppies bloom, my bulbs flourish and my dahlias grow taller than last year. I feel like I am a few weeks away from having an incredible garden filled with memories from our whole family.

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