Kitchen dreaming

I am currently planning to paint the kitchen. I tried a new colour and Gavin wasn’t convinced so it’s going to be white which is fine. I am not that bothered about the colour it was only a pinky clay colour. I have accepted that my kitchen is dark so now I am just going to decorate it to make it look a bit tidier.

I have bought some IKEA rails and a mini shelf that I plant to pop up. I bought the rails to hang some of my aesthetically please cleaning wear. I have a vision I just hope it works. I am still contemplating popping a mirror in the wall but not sure if I like that idea or if I should just fill it with family photos.

I am always dreaming of what my dream kitchen would look like even if I have to fit it into my tiny kitchen!

Farrow and Ball Cardroom green

My dream kitchen would include:

  • Draws instead of cupboards ( bottom)
  • Open Shelves
  • Butlers sink with a countertop space on both sides
  • Sink near window
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer and tumble dryer out of sight or utility room
  • Farrow and ball Card room green units
  • Aga large range plus a bake-off oven
  • kitchen island
  • large fridge freezer with ice machine
  • Stone quartz countertops
  • Herringbone floors
  • A hot tap or pot fillet

Maybe one day I will have half of these!

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