Life after retail

There is absolutely nothing wrong with retail, okay well there are a few things wrong with it however as a career it can be a dream job and I have worked for two great companies that I really cared about which also happen to be my last two jobs. Leaving them was not easy. Leaving them to live in a now uncertain world is even harder.

The bits of my job that I didn’t like was working weekends ( my last job was only every other so not so bad but still) and Christmas. as someone who loves Christmas never having the time off to visit family ( in other counrties) was hard.

So now I am on the hunt for a new job a start of a new career. Something I can sink my teeth into and be passionate about. I am only applying for jobs that I really want to be apart of, to be proud. My last job helped me develeop so many more skills so I am really grateful.

When you look up other jobs I do feel impostor syndrome and I shouldn’t. I am a pretty talented creative, I just need to find a career that suits me. Trying to find careers after retail is so tricky.

Jobs suggested by job professional:

  • Customer service representative
  • Sales associate
  • Shift manager
  • Administrative assistant
  • Personal banker
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Recruiter
  • Office manager

Except for a few on this list they are pretty much all retail which is not what I am looking for. So I will continue to search till I find the right career for me.

Hopefully there is life after retail.

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