Interior design I don’t really get: wall lights and sconces

I have talked about trends that I don’t understand before but there are a few design trends that I still don’t really get so I thought I would share them with you on today’s blog I will be discussing the abhorrent wall lights that everyone is putting in there homes.

Wall lights and sconces

Before we begin, I do understand why people use wall lights and I do think they have a place in the home just not on every wall. I hate the idea of hitting them, when I am walking through a hallway.

I can appreciate them in bathrooms and bedrooms where they act to give you light to see in the mirror or read your book but other than that are they really necessary or are they just an old fashioned sconce that get in the way?

Every time I see them I just wonder why you would bother putting them in when you have ceiling lights and windows? Perhaps they suit a dark room on a back wall? I just don’t get it!

I like both these wall light I just don’t think they are practical

I really can’t stand seeing rows of wall lights in hallways when overhead lights or floor lights would do. Surely you are going to hit your head at some point, no? Or is that just clumsy me? What is wrong with ceiling lights or if used at night time, lights that focus on your path so you don’t trip over the dog. Why spend all that money on something you don’t need, they are expensive ( when you buy a lot of them) and just look out of place.

I feel like not only do they look old fashioned but it’s what you get in a hotel rather than a home. Wall lit rooms and corridors appear to cold rather cosy and I have seen some beautiful cozy homes that do have them it’s just not for me. Very old homes used to have sconsces and wall lights but they seem far too old fashioned for the modern home and I like vintage and antiques.

There doesn’t seem to be any hate out there for a wall lights so it’s just me. The only place I could ever see me putting a wall light would probably be in a bathroom or under stairs loo due to a low ceiling. I also get the practicality of them above your bed. We actually don’t have any nice lights in the bedroom, nor lamps but as we don’t have space next to Gavin’s side a wall light would make sense I just don’t love them.

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