Favourite interiors from the big and small screen

We have all watched movies and fallen in love with their homes so I thought I would share mine that have totally inspired me. I am going to start with one of my favourite films and an apartment that I was totally I love with.

When I was younger I must have watched beaches a million times. I loved Bette Midlers voice and hair as a red headed curly hair girl I knew how rare she was. Then I met my best friend Becky and we would watch beaches and dream of a life like they had. I would be the artist and Becky was the academic. We would live together in a tiny terrible flat and have some amazing times.


After I finished uni I moved to Scotland. Becky had finished uni and I called her up one day and just said, why don’t you come to Edinburgh. the next month she moved up and although we never lived in a grotty little flat we had two years living our beaches dream. The Christmas scene was my favourite and although Becky never spent Christmas in the flat, my family did come up and it was magical.

The apartment is my favourite, lots of green a bathtub in the kitchen and green open shelves, red accessories and what looking like farrow and ball railings on the doors! It’s a heavenly.

Guillermo del Toro is one of my favourite directors his sets are always beautiful and they always tell a huge part of the story. Now technically these are two apartments that I love. Of course I love the messy artist studio as well as the blues green water based palette of The Shape of Water.

I love the contrast of the apartments but I would live in either in a heart beat. It’s the size of the rooms and the shape of the windows. I love wooden floors the cluttered shelves and soft lighting ( not a wall light in site).

And lastly for this blog……I am unapologetically in love with Carrie Bradshaws apartment. Eclectic vintage, designer, original. I love how she would paint the walls herself when she was bored. She had an amour for her blankets, a wardrobe of dreams and her apartment felt organic like she had designed and curated it over time instead of all at once.

All 3 apartments have a creative curated vibe. Non of them feel like you can just go out and buy the items from a shop but you would have to trawl through hours of vintage and thrift stores to create rooms like them.

I would like in any of them!

This has also inspired my to rewatch both the films and Sex and the City the series although I do love carries apartments in the films as well.

What’s your favourite interior space on the TV?

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