Who are you? Shantell Martin makes me think

I was listening to a Podcast with Shantell Martin and she was talking about how she doesn’t think things will change, when it comes to racism and inclusivity. It upset me to hear but when she spoke I had to agree with her. People don’t change unless things directly affect them. Which means on the political daily lives of millions of people, they will alway be surrounded by unfounded hate and mistreatment.

How horrific is that?

I thought we were moving forward. I hope we do but let’s face is, Britney Spears is incarcerated into a prison of her fathers greedy making. She is healthy enough to sing and perform but she is not healthy enough to remove the implant from her arm and have a baby. She has to abide by a white authorities rules.

Black brown and Asian people are harassed, shot and killed on the daily.

Women are molested ramped and forced into child marriages.

This is the western world I am talking about, this isn’t a rant about white rich men. This is just a conversation about the state of the world and how we think we are so progressive but then we realise nothing has changed.

It makes me angry and sad but I will always be hopeful that things will change.

She also talked about being British but not being English which from her perspective was a negative thing it means that She can’t be English because she is Black. I am not English, my day is mixed race from the Seychelles and my mum is from Jersey….. so I will never be English but I am British.

Shantell Martin also likes to ask people who are they?

Who are you?

Whio am I?

I am creative and optimistic with a hint of realism. I find lots of joy in the simplist things, shadows and light, trees and nature, bees and my garden.

I am also hungry, hungry for peace and kindness, hungry that the world starts to understand that helping each other rather than competing. I am hungry for good food, eating with friends and especially family. I am hungry for the history of my parents that shaped them that helped shape me.

Who am I ? I am me. I am unique and yet I am a sheep. I believe in justice yet I know from first hand experience that you don’t always get it.

I would recommend the podcast on Culture Call and also looking at Shantell Martin and her incredible art.

It’s time to focus on who we are!

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