My garden is in bloom

My garden is in bloom through all the rain and glimpses of sun.

My morning routine often involves a stroll of my plant pots coffee of tea in hand and take in any old jobs I need to do. I find it a nice way to clear my head and focus on the days tasks.

I dead head and dried flowers, cut any of my dahlias as the more you cut the more flowers they grow! Check on my tomatoes and I also check what the bugs are eating. If I pop something on the table then they don’t get slugs and snails as much so my plants are often on rotation.

My dahlias

Some of my cuttings looks great and others have been nibbled by the slugs and snails but they are still taking pride of place. My mum recently told me that my granny never went anywhere without her scissors and a plastic bag in case she saw a nice cutting so now I travel with my secateurs now in my bag with a plastic carrier bag.

We went for a walk last week and there was a beautiful fog tree that I was going to try and take a cutting from, however, we forgot to take the same path back!

Gardening is such a rewarding learning curve. Most of the time I just plant and see!

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