When it comes to gardening just let it grow

I planted my sweet peas late, they were sitting in the bathroom but not very happy. They took a while to sprout and then I put them outside to garden up and the weather changed.

It started raining continuously and I though that maybe it was over for them.

I used toilet rolls to separate the seeds but next year I will pop this tray in something plastic so I can transport it easily.

I then potted my sweet peas in a deep pots with training canes.

I gave them a little bit of water and feed and now they are starting to flower.

It is supposed to be sunny for the next few weeks so I am expecting an explosion of blooms and the way to encourage more flowers is to cut them.

Testing out paint colours on the wall

These smell like heaven and the colours are insane. Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers for looks and scent.

When it comes to gardening you just have to let it grow and see if there is an outcome. Half my sweet peas I sewed didn’t make it but the ones in my garden are half way up the canes now.

Patience is a virtue and especially when the outcome is flowers.

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