Latest bargain find

I love a bargain but this year I didn’t want to buy stuff for the sake of it. When it came to clothes shopping I have just focused on EBay and H&M. I want to invest in myself whilst being a bit more conscientious. I have picked up some great bargains from my Lucy Yak mint green dungarees to my never been worn Marks and Spenser linen trouser all bought second hand.

I don’t want to shop unless I need something.

It was my resolution so I am trying to stick to it.

My latest bargains have been books.

I joined a book club this year so I have been buying books mainly online and a fair few audible but mainly what ever fits the best bargains.

I love buying books especially home and garden ones. I prefer to buy from independent shops but that isn’t always available so I shop at Blackwells, which is a smaller British chain. I bought a few books on biophillic design and living and of course a gardening book.

I was given a few garde oils recently and my neighbour also offered to lend me some.

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