Tackling my rose bush

I have talked many times about my rose bush, it’s huge. June’s rain has turned it into a monster again. It’s over 8 feet tall and wide and if you don’t keep on top of it it will fill the garden in a few weeks.

It reminds of the rose bush in sleeping beauty… a monster of great beauty and thorns.

I was chatting with my neighbour and I was apologising for my rose going into her garden. I then started pruning and got a bit carried away. She told me I could be brutal and in September cut it back to the height I want it to grow.

It’s less than half the size I want it to be and it doesn’t look great but I have every faith it will be beautiful again next year.

Sometimes you just have to slay the beast.

I have confidence she will be alright.

Sometimes you have to trust in the tackling of my rose bush.

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