Easy tablescape / table setting ideas

I love a good tablescape. One of the best places to see them is at weddings and then drinking or food events. People are starting to make a lot more effort at home and setting the table. Birthday meals and celebrations are exploding with more and more outrageous ideas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on setting your table to make it beautiful.

My mum, even before she became a florist loved to set the table. We had placemats, full silver set, plates on the table. Napkins and rings plus flowers. We always ate family style in my home, that’s how you eat in the Seychelles, dishes with different foods so you could eat as much or as little of each dish. My dad used to complain about the flowers on the table but he was always proud of the care mum took into dressing the table. She passed it down to us!

When Gavin and I first started dating he was confused when I popped plates on the table and then served dish after dish till our table was full. It’s how I like to eat. I wonder if part of my weight problem is eating the English way with all your food served on a plate ( that and I am a pig when it comes to food.)

Dalloway Terrace Gin Event

Simple items to make a pretty table:

  • Table cloth or runner
  • Placemats
  • Charger plates
  • Fresh flowers or foliage
  • Candles skinny or chunky
  • Napkins
  • Napkin rings or ribbons
  • Vases or pots
  • Flowers or herbs to put in napkins
  • Pretty salt and pepper shakers
  • Water glasses
  • Wine glasses ( for non drinker pour their drink in a nice glass)

That’s it you don’t need to go over the top. the biggest issue is where is the food going or will you serve in the kitchen or will you have a table with the food on. Plan ahead and dress that table too if you are using it in plain view.

My biggest pet peeve is floral displays or candles that are blocking people’s view. When you want to engage with people you don’t want a flower no matter how beautiful getting in the way of conversation. Short chunky candles or really skinny ones are best. Also don’t have flowers or plants taller than 30 Center meters or your guests will remove them from the table.

So pick a theme, colour helps but try to use what you have rather than spending a fortune on bits that people appreciate but don’t actually care about, they care more about the food, drink and most importantly the company, so splurge your money their.

Candles don’t have to be lit but they still cause drama. I love colourful skinny ones but I am holding out till I see them and buy them rather than buying on line.

Fresh flowers and herbs really do make a table. So if you can pick from your garden, you can use herbs and foliage if you don’t want to buy them. Grasses are really underrated, you can use dried bunny tails or just common grass that has gone to seed you just have to play around with them.

A tablescape should be pretty and fun, don’t stress out too much, enjoy the process.

One response to “Easy tablescape / table setting ideas”

  1. I think, food is the most important thing. Everything else is secondary. If you have good food, people forget everything else.


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