A moment of paradise

The UK is rarely associated with the word paradise, there are moments of it, when we find secluded white Sandy beaches or a pretty forest. Generally it’s called beautiful, historic, quaint but not paradise. It’s always in the countryside rather than cities but after the 19 months of Covid it’s just so wonderful to have a moment of paradise.

We went to Brighton to see friends at the weekend. We got up early and left half an hour earlier than we needed to. We visited our favourite haunt Borough Market. Ate delicious baps at Maria’s Market kitchen and treated ourselves to lots of edible treats we don’t normally get to feast on.

Borough Market London

Colours, flavours, fresh fruit and veg plus it’s all dog friendly so Frank came with us. It was just before 9am when we were wondering around and not busy at all. then we hopes on the train and we’re off. We spent the day chatting, drinking and catching up. Every thing felt nice and normal I am still not happy in large croissants so when we were walking down the street I kept my mask on till we hit the restaurant.

We went to Shelter Hall in Brighton for dinner and the food was great, we ordered far too much but everyone was happy. Had a lovely walk home and just relaxed with great company.

Two days of paradise.

Old Brighton Pier

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