Interior design trends I just don’t get: too many bathrooms

Yes they are nice to have but are they necessary.

So of course I understand having bathrooms it’s a necessity. I do have an issue with too many bathrooms in any sized house. But whey are we now so obsessed with them. All modern houses and especially flats appear to come with a bathroom per bedroom.

My friends flat in London was a two bedroom with two bathrooms. Yes it was nice for the two girls to each have a place to get ready but her bedroom was small because a second bathroom was desired. To me it was crazy. Two friends living together working normal jobs wasn’t a big issue. In The uk most of us grew up in households where there is one bathroom maybe a downstairs toilet and we all coped fine. So now why do we crave bathrooms at the expense of space and storage?

Omaze giveaway house

To me it crazy. I think an en-suite is wonderful and then if you have two more bedrooms they can share a bathroom? A downstairs toilet and sink is essential, I am not a monster!

Also, my biggest issue is who is going to clean them all? I guess when you have a large four bedroom house you can afford someone’s clean them.

Nope I can honestly say I would rather have bigger bedrooms or storage than I would have a bathroom for every person in the house.

It’s you home, have as many bathrooms as you want, but don’t encroach on space just to cram a small bathroom in. Especially when office, storage space is just as important. There is nothing wrong with sharing a bathroom, I feel like each generation is becoming more and more impatient, they want everything tomorrow, it’s an Amazon impatience thing. We should all be taught to wait, a shower shouldn’t take more than ten minutes, we can all schedule times it’s not hard.

Also modern architects need to bring back hallways!

One response to “Interior design trends I just don’t get: too many bathrooms”

  1. I completely agree with you. It is unnecessary to have a bathroom and toilet in every room. It takes unnecessary space of the room and makes the room smaller. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any more than two bathrooms and toilets in a house.


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