Plan with me: Planning this week

I have had a bit of a disruption week and next weekend is the bank holiday plus 3 family birthdays. So I have 3 days off and lots of jobs to catch up.

I really do believe in keeping it simple.

So I was just going to create my five weekday boxes and then I got my Tombow watercolour pens out and decided to make it pretty. I love leaves so I just drew a simple vine doodle and filled it in.

I find this very rewarding, drawing, doodling, colouring in and practicing my hand writing. I put a movie on and just zone out. I like organising my week and if I have any jobs to do it’s great. I can plan dinners, blogs and reels.

So it may look like a lot of effort but it’s really simple just 6 boxes. One with the month layout and 5 with the week days. Then a vine doodle inbetween. It is fun, just like it should be.

It’s also motivating.

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