Autumn is in the air

My summer flowers may be in full bloom and the week ahead looks lovely and sunny but autumn is in the air. My bedding is out drying in the garden and I am contemplating getting the duvets out of the linen cupboard.

Autumn is in the air and even though it feel like this year has flown by it feels right. I just wish the next few months would slow right down so I can enjoy them.

I am looking at fleece for the garden and blankets for each room. It may not have been the warmest summer nothing can beat 2020 for sunshine in the UK, but it hasn’t been really cold. I am going to start making some autumn plans so I can get a head of winter and Christmas.

I have a few jobs to do:

  • Rug doctor the carpet while it’s still warm
  • Change the bedding and have blanket on standby
  • Pop the blankets back on the sofa
  • Get all the candles out
  • Clear the fire place ready for cosy nights
  • Dig out my Le Crueset Dutch oven for hot stews and one pot roasts

How do you prepare for cooler nights?

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