Weekends are for picnics

I love a picnic, there is something about sitting on a blanket eating yummy food and enjoying your surroundings. We have had a few picnic this year but this one was just for us.

We adopted our French bulldog Frank 4 years ago he is 5 in a few months. It was a great decision as we love him so much. so this picnic was just for us. It’s August bank holiday in the UK so we get 3 days off in a row.

I jokingly asked Gavin to get me a bottle of rosé and he did, so I got to have a nice glass of wine in the park with some delicious food all from Marks and Spencer’s. he bought too much food but we will enjoy it over the next few days.

It was lovely.

I hope you took some time for yourself this weekend.

3 responses to “Weekends are for picnics”

  1. This photo reminded me of last Saturday when I was sitting with my friends in a park like this and two kids were playing with their dog.


    1. Oh that’s wonderful! It’s important to just appreciate small moments !


      1. Yes, we should celebrate small moments.


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