Plan with me: first week in September

Happy Monday I hope you are well. I have taken the dog for a walk, picked some blackberries of a vine on the way and collected some wild sweat pea seeds.

This morning have been productive considering I had a late start.

It’s a 4 day week and I have set myself a challenge to gut the bedroom so I used my planner to set some tasks to complete. The weather is okay at the moment, I could do with some more sunshine.

This week I kept is super simple, 4 boxes, day tittles and a list of jobs. That’s it. Sometimes simple is best. I filled in the gaps with doodle but this time just with a fine liner rather than coloured Tombows.

I find it easier to focus on a few tasks but was is most important is to brain dump all the jobs that you need achieve this week. I am just typing this out on my lunch break and enjoying it. I generally like to plan my week the day before the week starts so I wake up clearly knowing what I am doing.

Jobs to do:

  • Separate clothes his mine
  • Winter summer
  • Laundry in the cupboard
  • Towels downstairs
  • Winter clothes out
  • Shoes polished under the bed
  • Make bed
  • Hoover
  • rug doctor
  • Clean windows
  • Wash walls
  • Paint ceiling

Sometimes simple is best.

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