Appreciating the last of Summer

I am starting this blog sitting in my garden. The weather has been rainy and cold all week and now we have sun so I am taking it all I. And appreciating all the flowers that surround me.

It turns out that September is for spiders, every morning I have to break webs that cross my path. The webs are incredible and I do try and photograph them but they never seem to focus correctly. If I can I go around and leave them be, they are large and busy they appear to be stocking up for winter. I am not afraid of spiders but I am not a fan of the webs and I hate the idea of spiders in my hair.

I still have dahlias, cosmos and the very last of my sweet peas. My golden rod and sedum are going strong so I am cutting these and filling my home with them. It’s wonderful to be able to sit and appreciate it all.

We were lucky over the last 18months to have had a space that we created for ourselves. Full of colour and life and with all these seeds to collect it’s a garden that gives back. I don’t spend ours in the garden. It’s great to feel so much gratitude for such a simple pleasure.

If it’s hot I water in the morning, cut any flowers that want to be cut, collect all the seeds and the worst job, pick up the poop. If it’s cold and rainy I don’t water the garden.

This morning I tried to take my 3rd try at cutting my wisteria, we will see if it takes, I would like just one white wisteria plant but I don’t mind trying. My garden now has 3 beautiful sedums growing so I want to try drying them out now they are in flower. Their reddy pink flowers are so pretty and there are plenty left to feed the bees and keep the garden in flower.

I generally spend less than half an hour a day in the garden, if it rains all day it’s not even that. gardening is a more than a hobby is a calming mindfulness that I don’t get from anything else.

I often listen to a podcast or nothing at all, I bring out a hot cup of tea or coffee, then forget to drink it.

I love it.

If the last year Hs taught us anything it’s that we should do what we love, even in small moments.

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