Book it: online book club

I have mentioned before that I joined a book club. It was a way to engage with other women but more importantly I have to read a book a month. When I commuted I read a book a week, it was easy with an hour each way, absorbing myself in words and worlds. Disappearing from my journey relaxing and almost missing my tube station.

I don’t have a genre that I stick too but I do love fantasy novels, stories about strong women surviving and then I also love thrillers and historical novels too. If it’s written well I will read it.

This months book club is about a women who poisons men. Triflers need not apply by Camilla Bruce. It sounds like my cup of tea so I can’t wait to get stuck in. I normally buy most of my books on my kindle but occasionally I will buy the book.

I always judged a book by its cover, or at least I am much more likely to buy a physical book if the cover is gorgeous like this one is. Isn’t everyone more attracted to certain books, covers and illustrations. It’s important, that’s why they hire illustrators after all.

I have chickened out of my online book club on zoom but if I like this book then maybe I will attend as a way of having my first drink after October. I do love a good book and with colder nights and the candles on it sounds like heaven.

I do enjoy a good book, do you have a favourite genre?

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