You’ve been framed, feminism

My husbands late step grandmother was a feminist, activist and all round cool arse silver surfer. If there was a cause, she cared about it. She really was an awesome human being.

When she passed we got a few pieces of her collection. The first was the sticker from her car. She ran her little mini in front of the military as it was passing through her town with a nuclear weapon.

It makes us all chuckle when we think about it.

The second was a poster with a very clear very sad message about a woman’s place and what men and women think it should be.

Gavin loves seeing them.

I love having them in the house.

A reminder of Jill, memories of summer parties, of elegant conversations, good food and wine.

I have spoken before about being a feminist before, it’s a positive movement that supports all women of all colours, and the LGBTQ+ community. I truly believe we should all be feminists, because we want equal rights for all.

Art in your home should be personal, you should love it, you shouldn’t ever think of it as disposable. It doesn’t have to have a meaning or hold any memories but it should be something you love.

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