Snug as a bug

Layers are truly important this time of year. Gloves hats and scarves can turn a thin coat into a cosy walk with coffee in hand of course. Just like we add layer to our wardrobe we also add blankets and candles to our home. Making ot warmer.

In the UK lots of gas and electric companies have closed leaving a fewer larger companies the access to hoik up our energy bills. It has been colder in the evenings, but I don’t like to turn on the heating until I think it’s time to close my bedroom window. I like to sleep with a breeze for the most of the night and because a few times the room has been cold I have started getting out the extra duvets, blankets and pyjamas.

It’s the start of October and I am not ready yet to turn on the the heating. If it gets really cold we may pop on the fire for an hour but until it’s actually cold it will be cashmere socks, long cardigans and Lots of tea and coffee.

There is no point in being wasteful of money or energy when a few little changes can warm you up. When I was a poor assistant manager living in Archway in a very beautiful but poorly insulated house my friend told me to light some candles, just the pillar ones. She said it looked warm so it made her feel warm. Lucky we still have lots left over by trim the wedding.

So when it starts to get colder the candles will be lit, the hot chocolates will be piping hot and my little dog will be snuggled close to me for warmth.

Autumn truly is my favourite time of year even if I have to be a bit more frugal.

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  1. It’s good to use save electricity. It not only saves our electricity bill but also the environment.

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