Best foot forward: Autumn porch update

My porch isn’t big, just a bit bigger than the door but I love it. A porch offers shelter from the weather and a bit more security, because for me it’s all about security.

Out porch has Victorian inspired tiles a mat and lots of cobwebs, I would normally wipe them away but it’s October. September is mating season for spiders so I like to give them shelter if I can and for October a few cobwebs looks great so they are staying.

I love October and there is just enough room to pop a few pumpkins and make it look a bit more autumnal. It’s nice to pop your best foot forward when you first enter or exit our home. I want to have tulips in pots next year so I have ordered some from Sarah Raven. The front of our house normally looks pretty presentable it I would love it to look lovely.

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