Autumn Daze: walks runs and bringing the outside in

The air is cooler, fresher. We just took Frank for a walk in the night air and I was too wrapped up to be comfortable. Frank loved it. His little paws on the pavement, chasing shadows and the haunting of cats past.

We love a walk.

We go regardless of the weather, although Frank prefers rainy walks to be much shorter. I am starting training this week. I am just building up gently, twice a week to begin with, then 3 times up until the half marathon.

My dried collections are coming along well. I need to harvest the rest of my bunny tails as they are ready. I never liked dried flowers before but I am loving all the grasses and poppy seed heads. I love the colours that they contain all the bruised greens and purples in the dried poppy heads and the soft pinks, golds, yellows and creams in the bunny tails.

My bulbs arrived today so I need to plant my tulip lasagne this week. I will hide it by the back door and leave a lid on it so the squirrels don’t dig them up and eat them. I have 3 pots to use and a few different flowers to add.

My autumn harvest

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