Mirror Mirror: a bit of self reflection

It’s not a secret I have been feeling a little low in myself. I think that not working makes me feel like I have no worth, no place in the world plus I want to shop and drink.

I need to sort myself out.




Healthy mind

Tidy home

Happy garden

Self reflection is important, I like to be busy so that I don’t dwell on things. Maybe though I have just been ignoring my inner turmoil. Blocking out my feelings and not addressing my lows. My old boss got in touch to ask how I was getting on which was nice. Even though I don’t want to work in retail was so close to asking for my job back.

I didn’t.

Because I don’t want to work there.

It’s made me focus on my job search.

I need to do a bit of work on myself and that does not mean having a bubble bath ( although I really want one) or having a drink ( I need about 10 of those) also no sitting in-front of the TV disappearing into oblivion.

I have to start somewhere and tomorrow is a new day.

I feel a bit more focussed now, I feel a bit more secure knowing I will plan my next few days and work my way out of this low.

2 responses to “Mirror Mirror: a bit of self reflection”

  1. You’ve got this!!! Good for you to not take the job back…if it doesn’t serve you let it go.


  2. Don’t do work that feels like a burden.


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