No drinking for a more month… How did I get on?

When I gave up drinking for October I just wanted to see if I could, I would be a nice way to see if I could lose weight but most importantly could I stop drinking.

It was actually easy.

Only once did I get jealous of Gavin having a drink and that was a glass of champers when we went to the ballet.

I did find myself reaching for a glass when there was stressful moments. When frank spent have of October at the vets, when we had a hot of wedding drama, I naturally reached for booze to calm me down. To help me relax and distress, except I didn’t. I didn’t drink.

This was good!

Its felt okay, I even went to the pub and tried an assortment of non alcoholic beverages other than coke.

Heineken has been my favourite beer.

Gordon do a decent gin.

Sainsburies rose was more like a summer cider but it was nice.

At least now I know that I don’t have to drink.

Did it help me lose weight? Maybe a pound but nothing to drastic.

It was a challenge for myself.

Now I need to start running again.

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