A moment in time: Covid and my birthday

Sorry, I haven’t been writing as much.

Frank my dog has had some eye issues and we are finally on the mend but it’s been taking all my energy and worry.

Then just before my birthday my husband gets sick with Covid-19. Every few days I take a lateral flow test but so far this cold is just a cold. we are still quarantined for another 4 days but luckily as we are double vaccinated Gavin hasn’t been too ill. He has had four days in bed and lethargy but he is back to work ( online from home) and we are relaxing.

So happy birthday to me!

I actually had a nice day, but my birthday party got cancelled. There are worse things I know, but it was still disappointing.

I put up my Christmas tree which is still not finished but makes me smile every time I look at it. I slept most of Saturday and today I am going to tidy the house in prep for the week.

Happy Remembrance Day everyone. This days means a lot to me.

One response to “A moment in time: Covid and my birthday”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you.

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