Starting my training

I had a great day yesterday, starting with a run.

I am running a half marathon in March and haven’t run in a while. So I went through my checklist of things to get me going:

  • Trainers
  • Soundtrack
  • Right level in my NHS app
  • Thin layer ( it’s cold outside)
  • Get up early and run in the morning
  • Put your gear ready so you have no excuses

So Sunday came and I went for a run. I had confidence in my body and really pushed myself.

Today my body hates me. My thighs are burning, I feel like I have been horse riding. The pain is real but I feel so good.

My next run is tomorrow.

Everything is ready so I wake up, get changed and go straight for my run. Gav is working from home so I need to go before he starts work which makes it easier.

I am running the marathon with my best friend but secretly I want to kick her arse and beat her time.

I can do it, I just need to focus and train.

I felt so good yesterday. Exercise is so good for my mental health, plus we went into London and went to the Opera but I will share that with you later.

Hope you had a lovely Monday.

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