A night at the Opera: Macbeth

I was apprehensive about watching Macbeth as an opera, I just wasn’t sure if I could appreciate it it. This is the true power of set and costume design because I completely fell in love from the opening scene.

Prelude to our night…..

We thought we had headed down early to Covent Garden but actually we could have gone a few hours before. London is in full Christmas swing, fairy lights everywhere, mulled wine stalls and happiness and sparkle on every corner. I do love Christmas. We wandered round the streets looking at the pretty displays and hunting down Chick N Sours and when we found it, it was booked up. The smell of the food was incredible so we will definitely book next time.

The windy streets of London always make me feel like I am in Harry Potter. Diagon alley is never far from my heart. So then we went to the Seven Dials food hall and had amazing Pizza from Bad Boy Pizza and El Poltina chicken wings which were so tasty. Gavin we were there a bit late and all our other options were running out of food.

We headed to our favourite Portuguese Santa Nata for a tart and coffee ( because that’s all they do. My sort of place, small precise and excellent custard tarts. Plus it is right next to the Royal Opera house.

We walked to the Royal Opera House with ten minutes to spare. Again come earlier. I think it’s calmer to arrive at least half an out before, have a nice glass of champagne, wine or coffee. Sit upstairs and appreciate the grandness of the Opera house.

We sat in our seats and from the opening scene I fell in love. The witches filled the stage with Frida Khalo like magic. Strong use of colours throughout the entire opera and the music and vocals were incredible.

It was so impressive and enjoyable I fell in love with it over and over again. You don’t really need to know Macbeth to understand the story as it is explained for you. When the queen changed into the gold dress my heart warmed. The stage was fairly literal with golden cages playing a major role in the whole Opera. It was beautifully done.

Afterwards we headed straight home to a quick cuddle with the dog and then straight to bed. I really appreciate Gavin coming with me to the Opera, he likes it but I think he prefers the bits before. It’s a wonderful way to spend the evening and if we go on a Saturday night then we dress up and make a real effort.

It’s pretty cold in London at the moment, so stay warm and look after each other.

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