Chasing dreams: Goals for the goaless

I have been listening to a few podcasts at the moment about chasing dreams and having a goals.

It is supposed to be inspiring.

But what if you don’t have big dreams or goals you want to set and aim for.

What if your dreams are small and not something you have to struggle with. I think it can be dwarfing, the amount of pressure other peoples positive attitudes can be. I have read up on toxic positivity and how faking it can be. Belittling.

Dwarfing, belittling why are small things so bad.

Why aren’t small goals relished over rather than dream big? the negativity that follows the positive message is astounding and damaging. We should work ourselves into the ground and aim for the stars.

Dream big or go home.

How about dream small, go home and enjoy yourself.

Small goals get knocked as much as big goals.

I am not against anyone following their dreams or working hard for them. That’s wonderful but there are a lot of people out their like me who don’t have big dreams, have lost their goals and motivation.

I want to take small steps to make my life better.

I have been in the vets a lot recently, it’s a great vets that offer a 24 hour service. Which is great for me but shit for the people who have to work there. I heard the girls gossiping about their colleague who had asked for less night work because she doesn’t like it, she wanted more. They all sat there and said the same thing. “She is complaining she should see how many nights I have to work.” They missed the point. There colleague had a valid complaint that matched their own. Rather than supporting each other and working out a system where they were all happy ( or hired a night team) they complained at her small goal. To have a better work balance. I felt sorry for them and for her. Working nights sucks. Working with the general public is the hardest job (what ever shape that is).

Small things can lead to great happiness.

I had a big goal this year to go back to Uni, I didn’t get in because I didn’t have enough work experience, I was short by about 200 hours ( my 1300 wasn’t enough) It didn’t matter that I would have had more if it hadn’t been for the pandemic. I really wanted it. But I went home, so to speak, because truly I was unsure if that was the only reason but that was the feedback I had. It broke me a little.

Part of me still wants to aim for it, but the other part thinks there was a reason I didn’t get it, the path not just the uni place.

I write my resolutions every year. I will this year. They may be small, I may not have a dream job or a dream life but my main goal is to be happy living in it not miserable dreaming about a life I won’t have.

I have started writing my small goals this year, it makes happy and a bit more focused.

So if you are like me and don’t have big dreams or big goals don’t worry. The grass is only greener if it’s faux! Make small good decisions that you and your family happy.

I have a tee-short that said “the world is your Lobster”…… I think that suits me better.

2 responses to “Chasing dreams: Goals for the goaless”

  1. Very well said. Everyone can have different dreams whether it is big or small. All that matters is to remain happy. Happiness is not bound to the size of things. It’s different for everyone, some find in small things while some find in big things, but happiness remains the same. You don’t need to run for big things to be happy, it can be found in small things too.

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    1. Yes I just need to focus small and be happy!


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