A family Christmas planning

I am so excited.

My brother, sister in law and new nephew are coming this Sunday. We are having an early Christmas and I can’t wait. I get baby cuddles and to see my family. This will be the third time since lock down I have seen them since our ominous friend COVID-19 locked down the world.

Tree has been up for ages.

Wreath is on the door.

Candles are everywhere ( out of reach of babies and dogs alike).

But my house is a tip. I have been tidying my dining room for 2 days now and tonight I need to finish. I can’t wait to dress the table and make it look festive. I made a big shop, so I have a small turkey defrosting in the fridge, a nut roast for my sister in law and lots and lots of veggies and booze ( for those of us who are drinking.)

We are going to call my mum and dad so they get to share this special day with us.

No presents. Just crackers a good meal and maybe a walk.

I have a lot to do in the next few days but the house will be spick and span.

We got our boosters this week, so other than a sore arm we are now happy with our thriple protection.

I will call my sister tonight and chat away with her why I finish the dining room. Tomorrow I need to mop and do the rest of the rooms and Saturday I have to pop all my craft bits up in the attic, which is not a fun job but at least I will get my steps in.

I have so much to do that I have had to sit down and write a list.

Planning is key to not leaving it to the last minute.

( yes that’s now) Thursday:

  • Finish dining room
  • Wipe spider away ( sorry)


  • Hallway tidy
  • Sitting room pictures away
  • Christmas decorations box away
  • Wash blanket
  • Kitchen cupboard
  • Tidy away booze
  • Bathroom drying clothes away


  • Mop
  • Hoover
  • Cook sausage pie and cauliflower cheese
  • Clean kitchen
  • Set the table ( my favourite part)

Then Saturday night I get to relax, with a lie in on Sunday and then they arrive.

I am so excited.

I had to sit down and plan it all out because it’s lots of little bits. This is my initial one and I will write out a more in-depth one with more detail and time frames to make planning easier.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

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