All change and none at the same time

Last year I decided to grow out my grey hair. It’s strange, I have a lot of grey but I still have a lot of auburn hair left. So with just a few weeks away to the wedding I have decided to dye my hair.

I still want to grow out my grey but I need to wait till I have a lot more. Gav is going to help me do it so all of it get covered. If I don’t post a photo tomorrow you know I didn’t like the colour!

We went for another two hour walk today, chatting, exercising and then ending up in a pub for a Sunday lunch and then a nice lazy afternoon. As soon as the washing up is done then all my jobs are complete. I have a busy week of painting and tidying.

I am feeling a bit under the weather but my covid test came back clear so it’s probably just feeling run down. I am going to doze on the couch and listen to an audio book.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday, wish me luck!

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