Picture perfect, garden needs a lot of work

Today we started with a lazy morning, fresh coffee on and then Gavin dyed my hair for me. It’s not styled so I will show you a better picture later in the week. I love the colour it’s similar what I am naturally so I am thrilled. My gray hairs are slightly ginger but that looks nice. I will eventually let the grey grow out but I don’t have enough of it yet, I gave it a year but no joy.

The kitchen needed doing but I was dying to get into the garden as it’s a green bin collection this week and I am sick of looking at it. I still have so much work to do on it. It’s mild at the moment ( weather wise) so I pruned my roses back as well as my clematis. It looks better but I still need to trim back the my dahlias, get rid of the branches that donot fit in the green bin. I also want to move the dahlia pots to the back of the garden where it’s sheltered.

My David Austin rose is budding which thrills me as I was worried it wasn’t going to thrive. They are expensive roses and I plan to pop it in the garden next year when I find a perfect spot for it. I raked the grass and put the leaves in my beds as it’s the best nutrition for them. I have been eyeing up climbing roses for around the front door as my clematis isn’t exactly happy there especially as it dies back every year.

I find gardening so relaxing, so rewarding. For Christmas we bought each other AirPods mainly so I can run without wires but now I can also clean and garden with them. It’s really going to make everyday chores so much more pleasurable. I can’t listen when I am hoovering but now I can. If I am not listening to podcasts ( My favourite Murder, This Podcast Will Kill You, Ear Hustle, Maintenance Phase). It is going to motivate me more.

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