12 image vision board: a fresh outlook for 2022

A vision board isn’t the same as a resolution. It’s more about manifesting about using an image as a symbol of something you wish to achieve rather than a goal you want to achieve. In my vision board There is no fashion, no skinny body. Yes I want to be healthy but I want to manifest this happier life more. Again nothing massive, no out of control designer shopping, no mansion in the countryside.

12 small focused images.

I thought I could talk you through what each image represents and what I hope to achieve and manifest. It will probably be similar to my goals but it’s nice to use Pinterest to help visualise them. I will try and link all the original sources on the photo.

The Kitcheners

TOUCH, to me this image is about friendship and holding on to one another. With my friends I have hugged them, with my family, soon I will hold them. Touch is such an important sense. Seeing friends and family is within hands reach.

I hope this year I am less fearful and more adventurous!

This picture has been pinned so many times I can’t find the original

FAMILY DINING, I want to create a family space where we can entertain. It’s been tough for both sides of our family, loss, distance, and other issues. One year I would love to host the whole family for Christmas, all of them. In one space. This is definitely a hope. This glass house dining room is a beautiful dream and belongs on my vision board! You will see a lot of green as I find it calming. Creating a space for us is important.

ROMANCE, do I need to write more?


GET OUTSIDE, I love long walks with Gavin and Frank. I want to go further afield and explore the UK as much as I can. We are blessed with lovely parks and are only an hour from the seaside.

I want to go to France and see my mum, wonder round brocants, eat amazing food. Walk a long the country paths and maybe even paint.

Curate well com

THIS ⬆️, this covid pandemic has wrapped fear around me, made me anxious, dare I say depressed ( or at least on the verges of). I have been low and also very happy. I now understand the importance of feeling important and necessary. I hope I find this value in a new job but maybe it’s more than that.

Self worth has very little to do with other people, that a lesson from the last two years.

WEEKENDS ARE SACRED, I am focused on finding a job but I want my weekends to be my space, cozy mornings with Gavin, long walks, trips away. Spending time with friends, hosting dinner parties, cooking. Food is an important part of my weekends.

I am not saying I will never work weekends but the reason I left retail was how much of your social hours are asked of you, that and Christmas.

Home office of dreams

WORK, I have talked about work a lot and in this current climate I understand that I may have to work from home and honestly I am okay with that. I would love a beautiful space to work in, I would love to work in a place as beautiful as this. This is me manifesting not predicting.

Work life balance is a big focus for me in looking for a new job. I know it is for lots of people.


PRODUCTIVITY AND ABUNDANCE, I want to bring these two more into my life. I would like to literally grow fruit, veg and flowers into my home and into my kitchen. But it’s more than just gardening. I am trying to create better habits this year to action me into being productive, with productivity should equal abundance. When I say abundance I don’t mean riches, I just mean an abundance of happiness.

JUST THE THREE OF US, am I repeating myself, probably.

Gratitude and appreciation of my small family of 3 is so important. I am a very grateful person. A loving husband, a sweet dog, a lovely home a great little garden and great neighbours.

It is always going to be just us and I am excited about this.

Except I want more kittens and another dog!! Ha ha

Organisation heaven

EVERYTHING HAVING A HOME, We all feel the urge in January to tidy, decluttering feels good. Although I am definitely a maximalist when it comes to interior design I want everything to have a home. It makes me sleep better at night, plus it’s easier to keep clean.

Clean is calm!

David Austin Roses

ROSES ARE COLOURFUL, and belong everywhere. Over my door, in the garden, blooming long and fragrantly. This image is all about carving out a space for myself, in my garden in my home, everywhere. I want to keep my hands in the earth, gardening, sipping tea, eating lunch all weather permitting of course. My garden has become a sacred place. My evening are spent drooling over flowers and seed catalogs.

I really must buy some seed trays and some snap dragons.

USE MY MATERIALS, there is no point having such beautiful art materials if I never use them, it’s a waste. Not painting and drawing is a waste of my skills. I want to, I need to be creative. I need to more than just collect things. But with this image of creativeness I also want to see things more. Art galleries, Opera, theatre gardens ( of course) a good way to inspire myself is to seek beautiful things.

London is a great magnet for the Arts so I really have no excuse.

So that’s it, twelve images to inspire me. I follow Jessica Rose Williams and she encourages everyone to create a vision board. She says that it is more important to have a picture that focuses on the verb rather than the end goal. Because by doing we should eventually reach the end goal.

I made one last year and focused on a beautiful Edwardian home without even knowing what I was doing. Sometimes we are drawn to images for a reason. I started off just selecting images I liked, then I reduced it down to twelve for the months of the year. Then I got pickier about how they looked, and how they looked together. I find it all calming and inspiring.

My cat went missing four years ago and her face has been my screen on my phone since before then. I never wanted to change it but I think it’s time. so I have my twelve image up to inspire me.

Do you create a vision board?

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