Morning routines: why is it so hard to get up

I am not a morning person , I don’t mind getting up to do something but my bed is my favourite place be in the world. Especially with Gavin and Frank snuggling beside me.

So getting up for me is, at the moment, tricky. On Wednesdays it’s bin day so I have to get up at 7.30. I try to run on Mondays, Wednesdays and fridays but since the cold has snuck in, I haven’t. I run as soon as I get up so I know that works but I have no motivation to do anything.

I always have to have a shower first. It’s does wake me up.

In the summer with the heat and light I find it easier especially when it’s hot. It’s not hot at the moment it’s cold, cold and dark.

Today was frosty. It called me to crawl back into bed, I didn’t as I had an appointment. I like to book all my appointments first thing so I just wake up for them.

Part of the reason I am getting into a better morning routine is because I am not sleeping, I am wide awake till two, three am. It’s not great.

Things needed to change.

I am not talking 3am I am waking up at 8.30.

I decided to just to get up earlier rather snoozing. I am also exercising everyday. not long I am just trying to increase my planks ( working on my core) sit ups, push-ups and squats. Small gentle exercise that is helping me sleep at night. They increase everyday, there is also rest days and I need to run.

Tomorrow I am going for my first run of the year. I have a half Marathon in March and if o don’t start moving I am never going to fit enough to run it.

This week I have stuck to it.

Exercise everyday.

Watching Netflix without my phone, international films and series are helping me unwind, I am loving French and scandi dramas at the moment. Last night I painted instead of any TV, and listened to a Podcast on Canadians First Nation reform schools, which had me in tears and broke my heart. I then listened to Ear Hustle, the episode where incarcerated men have spent inhuman amounts of time in the SHU, that upset me too. Listening to sad awful situations doesn’t distress me. I just want to learn more. I want to know.

I feel better.

I am sleeping better.

A cup of tea also helps!

It’s easier to get up in the morning which was my goal. I am trying to improve my morning routine, my mental health and make it so I enjoy getting up in the morning.

Small positives steps.

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