Giving up booze for January and other challenges

It’s January, start of a new year, each Monday is the start of a new week. A new month, you can challenge yourself at any time to do anything. I have given myself a few.

One is exercise, one is this blog and the other is booze. Lots of little challenges, lots of little changes. It’s forcing me to focus and get it all done.

I will hopefully be having a sunny holiday soon so thought, before I go and drink my weight in gin that maybe I will give my liver a rest. We didn’t drink that much over Christmas but I still think it’s nice to have a break from it, to not rely on it.

As I am typing this I am dreaming about a lovely bottle of red warming up in my hands but alas no. I am not drinking with one exception.

This weekend.

I have a hen do and it’s going to be fun. I know I can have fun without drinking but I want to partake so I am allowing myself.

I never set myself a dry January, I always knew I was going to drink this weekend. Setting a challenge doesn’t mean you can’t have breaks. It also doesn’t mean you have to quit a challenge just because you “fail”. It’s not failure it’s taking a pause.

You can just keep on going with it.

The challenge doesn’t have to end.

Have you set yourself any challenges this month?

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