Cancel culture and the beauty of social media

Last week we had two white English ( hope that’s right) young girls being cancelled for comments. One said too many racist things to be excusable and yet she excused herself without a proper apology, where she held no accountability for her harmful words.

The other, the front of a fast fashion company and spoke of her white privilege. Now every one with Be kind or Mental Heath in their bio is calling for there cancellation.

Oh the irony.

You don’t have to condone the actions or words of these girls to not want this bullying backlash that they recieve.

It’s fascinating.

The young racist tweeted bile on pretty much every race and although it was 10 years ago it’s still not good enough. ( I did have a hard time feeling sorry for her BUT I would never verbally attack her especially as I didn’t know who she was before this incident.

If you do something wrong, you own up to it and apologise, saying you don’t recognise yourself is not acceptable.

The internet remembers everything.

But cancel culture doesn’t actually exist as fans forgive, forget and worst of all make excuses. Yes you may have to go quiet for a while but you can always come back.

Especially if you are a man!

I recently got into a small debate with a young girl over the Queen meeting Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn met the Queen wearing a low cut top ( not allowed at the time) the Queen could not stop staring at her. Lots of people said it was disrespectful and honestly I didn’t have much of an option on it. But this your girl started being disrespectful about the Queen and I decided to defend her.

I responded that the queen is a figure head and would never have a say in how either government would run the countries. We went back and forth and I found myself truly defending the queen. Then this girl asked me about my knowledge of the Canadian First Nations and I replied honestly that I didn’t know enough and that I would go and do some research.

This really touched her. This young girl who had never spoken to me before.

And that is the beauty of social media.

This girl is passionate about her heritage and told me I need to educate myself on it. So I did. I have watched YouTube documentary’s, listened to podcasts and read articles. It’s all horrid and heart breaking. We went back and forth and her one comment made me do some research.

I Learned about the horrific atrocities that happened to Canadians First Nations children. it’s appalling, I urge you to do the same.

She also said she would research the queen. We ended up having a great conversation. We both listened to each other communicated our points of view and went and did some research. It’s important to listen to people, especially if they are in pain.

Cancel culture doesn’t really exist, but it is harmful and in some cases dangerous.

We all make mistakes, do things and say things. We are all allowed to grow and change. The beauty of social media is we can talk to each other across the pond.

The most important thing is to listen.

Listen but not take it out on others, and never put anything on the internet that your grandparent or boss would disprove of.

I have said this a thousand times but you should only criticise someone for there words or actions, never how they look.

Bit of a heavy one today but I found this interaction really uplifting even if the content is a thing of horror!

Hope you have a lovely Monday.

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