Cooking from my freezer

It’s January and my freezer is full of meat. It’s time to stop buying and start using up last year’s shopping. This needs a bit of organising and planning but that’s what I love to do. I am not really a fan of meal prep, the idea of eating the same thing everyday makes my stomach hurt. I like variety and different foods every day.

We only have 3 drawers and one is filled with gyoza and frozen fruit but we have two drawers that we need to go through.

I don’t want to buy any meat if we already have it. It means a bit of planning and lot of cooking but I have the time, and every year I want to reduce waste especially in my kitchen.

It’s not pretty but it’s one of my faves

It actually helping me with meal planning, although yesterdays frozen ready meal was gross and we won’t be buying them again. I took out sausages at the same time so tonight I am doing a sausage orzo /rice bake, not sure what it’s called I just roast some veggies, add hearts and garlic, throw in the sausages, add orzo ( or rice) , beans, and a can of tomatoes and it and it healthy and tastes good. It’s one of my favourite meals.

It means less take outs and more knowledge of what we are eating.

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