It’s been a tough week in the UK

I am not a fan of Boris Johnson.

He wasn’t sure if he was at a party…… at 10 Downing Street, until he got caught, but then he didn’t exactly break the rules.

Except he did.

He told the country that we were only allowed to see 1 person, outside.

That was it.

No excuses, he did it. He is in power, he is the epitome of white privilege and he is not even sorry.

He needs to resign.

He lies, he cheats and he has stolen from the people that voted him in.

He doesn’t care and he should.

I wanted a genuine apology and we didn’t get it.

I wanted his resignation and we didn’t get it.

You can’t defend this behaviour for a man in his position.

He makes me ashamed to have him represent this country.

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