Relaxing with candles

My wonderful friend bought me this Dyptique candle for my birthday. I have lusted after these candles for years and she treated me to one, fun fact, after having Covid she still hasn’t got her sense of smell, so asked her friend to smell it!

It smells like heaven, just taking it out of the box. I lit my candles, ran a bath put a face mask on and relaxed. It was a wonderful treat and although it’s only counts as a wee bit of self care I needed it. I haven’t done this in ages but as soon as I got the idea into my head I wanted to relax immediately.

There is something very calming about lighting candles, perhaps it’s because you know when you do that you are about to relax, sit down and enjoy something, so the simple lighting of the candle is, almost, a meditative step.

Candles don’t have to be expensive and they don’t even have to have a fragrance if you are sensitive.

Every time we have guests I fill the house with piller candles to soften the mood.

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